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Making Press Releases More Helpful for Media Outlets

A quick post for this week, inspired by Joe Hoover of the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) during a break at the 2019 Minnesota State Historic Preservation Conference in St. Cloud. (Yeah, yeah, this is my third post related to the conference, but conferences really suggest a wealth of material for blog posts.) Joe puts together MNHS’s email newsletter Local History News, which is a compilation of history events, announcements and job postings from history organizations…

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Have You Heard of the LSAC?

Last week I attended an LSAC meeting at the Beltrami County Historical Society in Bemidji, Minnesota. I’ve been with the LSAC for the past couple of years. When I first joined, I couldn’t seem to grasp what the LSAC was trying to do. It’s not a group with an easy-to-state mission. How did the LSAC arise? The Legacy Amendment In 2008, Minnesota voters passed a constitutional amendment to collect a sales tax to be dedicated…

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The Danger of Putting All Collections Eggs into One Museum Basket

As a person working in a local museum who has had disaster preparation and recovery training, I think a lot about the safety of our collections. There are items in our museum that cannot be replaced because they are one-of-a-kind. Two Bandolier Bags & a Ledger The two Ojibwe bandolier bags are such items. One of them was gifted by Chief Shab-osh-kung to Nathan Richardson for Nate’s legal work against timber thieves on behalf of…

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