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Bog Coat Success – Finally!

I’m nothing if not persistent (some might call it stubbornness). After encouragement and advice from Liz Haywood of The Craft of Clothes blog, I took another stab at making a bog coat. I used the tweedy fabric I cut out during my last experiment. This is fabric I really liked, but the lining fabric I had cut out for it did not line up properly. I didn’t want to abandon that tweedy piece of fabric,…

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Bog Coat / Bog Bodies

Bog Coat The Textile Center of Minnesota recently offered a class on how to construct a bog coat. As a fiber artist, I’m curious about elemental forms of clothing construction, particularly jackets and pants made from basic shapes with very little cutting or sewing involved. When I saw the class offering, the bog coat piqued my interest and I looked it up online. I found several websites sharing the bog coat pattern. Using one piece…

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