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Whatever Happened to Breakfast in Bed?

After decades of excessive consumption following World War II, Americans have swung toward a balancing trend of minimalism in terms of collecting stuff. While there are certainly plenty of people who indulge in purchasing unneeded items or shopping for shopping’s sake, we have reached a point in which people claim they would rather have experiences instead of stuff. Given this experiences trend, I’m curious about an observation I made recently upon waking. (Because isn’t “upon…

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history history relevance purpose of history using history

Weaponizing History

Here at The Pragmatic Historian, my main purpose is to show people how to use history in everyday life. Actually, most of us already use history on a daily basis, so my true purpose is to point out what is so obvious that no one sees it anymore. Much of the time, history is used in positive ways. It is used to build understanding and empathy between people,  provide inspiration, teach us critical thinking, help…

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Cliffhangers of History

Today’s post is by historian and guest writer David Grabitske, who is the Site Manager for the Landmark Inn, a site owned by the Texas Historical Commission. Cliffhangers of History I remember the summer of 1980. I was 10 and it was the last summer my family lived in Maryland. The previous summer the family had gone to Ocean City, Maryland, on a premium of a time share company. The catch was the family had…

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