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2019 Minnesota Historic Preservation Conference – Preserving Landscapes

On September 12 and 13 (Friday the 13th, with nothing untoward happening), 2019, the Minnesota Historic Preservation Conference was held in St. Cloud, Minnesota. This conference is held annually by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and is meant to bring together people who care about historic preservation in order to exchange ideas and learn new methods for encouraging preservation in our communities. To that end, the Preservation Conference changes location each year and is…

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Libraries Versus Museums, Round 2

  Welcome to Round 2 in the cage match between libraries and museums. In March 2019 in a post called “Libraries Versus Museums,” I discussed an article from CityLab about how public and private data should be handled by the highly trusted public libraries because there was no other model out there for handling such data … except that there is. History museums regularly handle public and private data. That, apparently, was Round 1 in…

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Advice on Hiring Museum Contractors

This might post might feel a bit off-topic for The Pragmatic Historian, but I know several of my colleagues in the Minnesota history museum field are in my audience and I need to pass along some advice. (Appropriately enough, today is Labor Day and the topic relates to the day.) The Legacy Amendment & Grants Some background for those not in Minnesota: In 2008 voters passed the Legacy Amendment, which provides sales tax funding for…

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