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Maintaining Buildings for the Long-Term

My favorite building in Little Falls, Minnesota, is the U.S. Post Office with its giant Corinthian columns on the front facade. This blocky building covered in red brick speaks of solidity. It’s monumental, yet the smoothness of the columns gives it grace. When I visit, I have a tendency to run my hand over the surface of the columns like they are some sort of talisman. (I may be weird, but I believe buildings like…

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The Curse of Sensationalized History

Upon the recommendation of others, my husband started watching The Curse of Oak Island recently. This is a reality show series from The History Channel wherein a couple of brothers and their team search a 140-acre island off the coast of Nova Scotia for a supposed buried treasure. The search for this treasure has occurred by various parties over the past 200 years. My husband got a few episodes in before I sat down to…

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Making “Vintage” Halloween Costumes

The Saturday before Halloween this year (2019), Hubby and I were invited to a Halloween party. A costume is never really required, but people who attend this annual shindig tend to have fun with their costumes. They are usually pretty clever. (This year, one person came as “A Blessing in Disguise.”) Erik and I are not really costume people and we typically try to figure something out at the last minute. This year, we actually…

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